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Gemini Mobile to present at Jan. 28 Virtual World SIG

January 07, 2008 By: studiosfo Category: SIG meetings, mobile No Comments →

Hello Virtual Worlders,

Rob Osborn of Gemini Mobile ( will present information about the company’s eXplo platform ( on Jan. 28.

Here’s the description of the SIG:  (  )

This will be a joint meeting with the SDForum Mobile SIG.

The idea is, how can the MMO / Virtual World experience and services be extended to mobile platforms?

Virtual Worlds News had complete coverage of their latest news here (

And shortly after agreeing to present, Gemini Mobile got blogged at (

So this is shaping up to be quite an interesting presentation, as we find out how virtual worlds can become lodged in the palm of your hand!

Location for Second Life and simulcast to be posted here.

Save the event for your calendar and tune in for it!

Virtual worlds and “The Future of Work”

August 16, 2007 By: studiosfo Category: Seriosity, Serious games, Virtual Worlds, augmented reality, mobile No Comments →

Business week has an interesting article “The End Of Work As You Know It -
Increasing connectivity will change how and where we labor—even the very notion of an employer

The article mentions upcoming Virtual World SIG presenter Seriosity and also touches on augmented reality, Mechanical Turk, telepresence, and distributed workforces. We have discussed it in virtual world circles before but it’s the first big publication mention I have seen of how work processes could be deconstructed, distributed, and completed by contractors working around the world.

I’ve also tossed around the idea that work processes themselves could be deconstructed. For example: the task of identifying a tumor on an x-ray could be represented as a map or other image and then “acted upon” or spotted by a player (contractor) for a digital currency reward. Couldn’t other data manipulation tasks be abstracted as well? I can imagine a future of monotonous data entry or auditing being accomplished by a workforce that only viewed the data as “a game” or as elements in a virtual world. The source data would be even be somewhat encrypted by virtue of this “virtualization”. Great things to consider as we continue to redefine “virtual worlds” as they emerge.

Let’s continue the discussion at the upcoming SIG and I’ll also be speaking on the topic at the Virtual Worlds 2007 conference enterprise track where SDForum will have a presence with a booth and a VC forum.

Book discussed in the article:


  • The Future of Work
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