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Real-to-virtual, virtual-to-real bridge via sensors

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Here’s an interesting article ( MIT Media Lab’s work with linking real and virtual objects, or perhaps virtual to real objects via sensors and embedded tech into ordinary objects.  We’ve discussed this from time to time at the SIG.  Can you think of some real world uses for this?

The paper by Joseph Paradiso [] is $19. but the bibliography is a great list of resources to check out!

Paper URL: []
“…various implementations of cross-reality which render and manifest phenomena between the real world and shared online virtual environments via densely embedded sensor and actuator networks. ” “These technologies’ application areas involve fluid browsing of and interaction with the geographically dispersed real world in an unconstrained virtual environment and ubiquitous multiscale telepresence.”

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[Bob Ketner]

Whirlwind tour through 70 virtual worlds

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Save yourself some time, this video is a real accomplishment!
(Soundtrack is a bit mulletted but otherwise… )

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Metaplace offers embeddable worlds

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I’ve shrunk this one a bit to fit within the page. You can also hit “fullscreen” to jump to the full view. Awesome.

[Bob Ketner]

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