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Media links for Gemini Mobile at Virtual World SIG Jan. 28, 2008

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You can view the SIG presentations with the embedded viewer.  Video will be active during the presentation.
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  • Both SDForum Virtual World SIG chairs to present at NASA this weekend.

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    Hello Metaversals.
    This weekend kicks off three straight days of metaverse chat -

    NASA Jan. 26 Virtual Worlds conference Day 1 with Will Wright and Virtual World SIG Co-chair Corey Bridges of Multiverse.
    Corey will present a talk on Jan. 26 called “Exploring the Metaverse”.

    NASA Jan. 27 Virtual Worlds conference Day 2 with Virtual World SIG Co-chair Bob Ketner of Studio SFO.
    Bob will present a talk on Jan. 27 called “Shrinking Space” Designs for Augmented Exploration”.

    More at:

    Virtual World SIG Jan. 28 7pm PST  -Gemini Mobile presenting on “3D Mobile Communities“.
    This is a dual event with the Virtual World SIG and the Mobile Internet SIG.

    Be there or be virtual!

    Virtual World SIG presenters Forterra given award by IEEE.

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    That’s right the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers … aka. IEEE have given a nod (or award?) to SIG presenter Forterra Systems.

    They were noticed as “one of the five best technologies for 2008″.  Their staff local to Palo Alto, CA have been big supporters of the Virtual World SIG and they have some fantastic virtual world tech.  Their presentation from June 2007 at the SIG really showed what “serious games” can mean.

    It’s breaking news relayed from Virtual Worlds 

    Congrats, Forterra staff on the recognition of your work.

    - Bob Ketner

    Gemini Mobile to present at Jan. 28 Virtual World SIG

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    Hello Virtual Worlders,

    Rob Osborn of Gemini Mobile ( will present information about the company’s eXplo platform ( on Jan. 28.

    Here’s the description of the SIG:  (  )

    This will be a joint meeting with the SDForum Mobile SIG.

    The idea is, how can the MMO / Virtual World experience and services be extended to mobile platforms?

    Virtual Worlds News had complete coverage of their latest news here (

    And shortly after agreeing to present, Gemini Mobile got blogged at (

    So this is shaping up to be quite an interesting presentation, as we find out how virtual worlds can become lodged in the palm of your hand!

    Location for Second Life and simulcast to be posted here.

    Save the event for your calendar and tune in for it!

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